Herniated Disc Treatments


Herniated disc treatments vary widely, depending on the location, origin, and severity of the herniated back disc. The two most common sites for a herniated disc to occur are the lumbar (lower) and cervical (upper) spine.

These areas appear to be prone to herniated discs for a variety of reasons. A lumbar herniated disc (in the lower back) can occur because this area of the spine undergoes a great deal of stress as it supports most of the body’s weight and enables activities like bending, walking, and lifting. In the neck area, a cervical herniated disc is fairly common because the neck has an extensive range of motion and is also vulnerable to injuries in accidents.

In the event that a nerve root or the spinal cord has been inflamed or compressed by a herniated disc, a bevy of symptoms can occur. These range from numbness and tingling in the extremities to extreme pain