Dr. Sako Tarakhehyan

Specializing in Physical Therapy, Chiropractic
& Injury Rehabilitation

At All Care Pain & Rehab we are committed to relieving your pain and restoring you to good health. Our goal is to provide you with lasting pain relief and to educate you on how to prevent the recurrence of the problem.

We are able to do this by combining expert chiropractic care and a state-of-the-art rehabilitation program. At our office you will experience the benefits of a dynamic team approach and receive a level of care which is virtually unmatched elsewhere. Your experience with pain is different than anyone else's, so your treatment must be unique as well. We incorporate an active rehabilitation program from the start of your care, making the exercises both functional for everyday activity and easy to perform at home

One of the keys to determining the appropriate treatment lies with the evaluation process: understanding the history and origin of the pain. All Care Pain & Rehab  utilizes the latest in technology to help determine where and why you are having your pain.