Neck/Upper Back Pain

Chief Complaint: Neck Pain
Secondary Complaints:
Upper Back Pain

Testimonial: “ I sustained blunt force trauma to my chest and back. No other doctor could help me deal with my constant pain. All Care Pain & Rehab has changed my pain management and improved my health. “

Why would you refer someone to our clinic? “Awesome Staff. Knowledge and dedication to patients are key factors to getting well.”

~Bertha Z.

Chief complaint: Neck and Upper back pain
Secondary Complaints:
lack of mobility in neck and arm

Testimonial: “This was my first experience with chiropractic physical therapy. When I started, I had consistent pain in my neck, left arm and shoulder. Because of this pain, I could hardly move my neck. This affected my daily life. In what I consider a short period of time, The staff at All Care Pain & Rehab Pain & Rehab Center helped me improve 100%. Thank you!”

Why would you refer someone to our clinic? “It is simple, 1. you achieve results and 2 because the staff is GREAT!! Thank you, you are all a huge credit to patient care.”

~Sheena W.

Chief Complaint: Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

Testimonial: “I was in a lot of pain when I first started at All Care Pain & Rehab. I was also losing feeling in my arms. With everyone’s help and expert knowledge, I am able to say that I have no more pain, and if I do have more issues with my back and shoulder, I know how to take care of most of them. Everyone at All Care Pain & Rehab is friendly and has a great attitude. It was great to spend time here and improve my health in a facility like this.”

Why would you refer someone to our clinic? “Because they people here will help you get better and stay healthy.”

~ Sandra D.